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Aecodri Fund

African Economic Drive Investment Fund

Buy and Trade for capital gains or Hold for annual yield.

Being a unique capital appreciation investment instrument, aecodri is an open-end well-managed fund for investors seeking to optimize their returns at minimal risk than investing directly in stocks plus a higher potential return than fixed income instruments.

This is to create a more convenient, reliable and less complicated income yielding medium as the primary objective of the fund is to achieve a stable capital appreciation of the assets by investing in a carefully selected portfolio of high-quality securities in africa which will in turn drive overall economic growth in africa.

This fund was established to eliminate the hurdles of investing in quoted securities and to provide an alternative/additional investment medium for the average user with no idea about professional investing. All you have to do to benefit is buy some units. You can acquire and hold up to units of this Fund or trade it for capital gains.


Real-time Insight

Asset: $ 77,593.98 | Cost per Unit: $ 9.88
Minimum Units: | Available Units:
Annual Yield: 29% | Maturity: 12 Months

Aecodri provides a really simple investment medium which could easily be utilized by a complete beginner. Basically, it accords anyone the opportunity to conveniently put their money to work just by purchasing some shares in the returns of the FUND.
The professional investing in third-party securities in Africa is handled for you and all you have to do in other to get a piece of the cake is by investing in the fund. By investing in the fund, you are simply buying a piece of the fund to start yielding some returns.

The FUND is split into some bits called units and your ownership interest/value is determined by the number of units you own. You can buy and hold your units till maturity to start yielding up to 20% annual returns and you can trade it with other members by listing it (or a portion of it) for sell in one click in the open market. Once your units are listed for sell, other members looking to acquire new units will be able to grab the deal anytime.

The unit price is never stable as it rises and falls depending on the value which is determined by the number of units being sold or bought and the number of investors involved as well as the funds available. This is what makes the trading awesome as you can buy at a cheap rate and sell at a much higher price.

Trading your units become most profitable when you've held it for sometime and this is because most investors who are not willing to wait for the maturity of a freshly bought unit would prefer to buy units already yielding some returns not minding the cost. In summary, you can either Buy, Hold and Sell the units at much higer price at a later date or you buy and Hold the units to earn a steady yield in value and cashable funds.

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