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Affiliates | Slourish

Join our robust affiliate program that was built solely to make you money!

Affiliates earn up to $ 30.08 per conversion of each referral.

It's a recurring income!

You continue earning every time your referrals perform converting actions on Slourish. You refer them once and earn for life!
Your referrals convert when they invest in a business, fund their HPS Program account, buy units of our Aecodri Fund or other quoted tradable assets and you also earn if your referrals become affiliates themselves or participate in any of our programs including the PIB Initiative

All you have to do is, tell people what you love about Slourish and once they sign-up, every time they fund their account, you earn up to $ 30.08!
We have developed a great system that tracks your unique link across the web and credits your account each time someone you refer joins Slourish

$ 0.00

Per click
Every click on your referral link earns you ₦2 which allows you to still benefit from visitors who didn't sign-up.

$ 1.50

Per sign-up
Once a referral creates an activated account, you instantly get credited with $ 1.50 in your affiliate wallet

$ 4.51+

Per conversion
This happens when a user you referred invests in a business on the platform or participates in our HPS program

One more cool thing!

Our system is designed to reward you as you put more effort into gaining more referrals and that is why we pay affiliates more and more as they bring more conversions. We will reward you handsomely as you increase your number of referrals along the way

1-10 conversions
You earn $ 4.51 per conversion.
11-15 conversions
You earn $ 10.53 per conversion
16-20 conversions
You earn $ 18.05 per conversion
21+ conversions
You earn $ 30.08 per conversion


It is completely free to join and there is no need for approval. All Slourish accounts are eligible to participate! Slourish is open to the global community so, you can refer anyone from any part of the world and you can start generating conversions in a matter of minutes.

How would you gain more referrals?

This can be achieved in several ways ranging from sharing your link on social media, to placing a banner on your website. If you are equipped, you can gain thousands of conversions through talk-shows, podcasts, webinars, etc

If you are a blogger, you should consider writing about us
Give us a shout-out on your social media accounts
Create an advert campaign using your link
Tell your friends to join us through your link
Place a banner on your website
Mention us in your various discussions (including forums topics)
Promote us through email marketing

Are there promotional materials?

Yes, we have stocked your affiliate area with a good number of banners which you can just copy the basic HTML code to your website and start generating conversions in a matter of minutes.

Can I create my own tools?

Sure, as long as it fits our vision and properly depicts our services. However, all produced or customized materials must be pre-approved by our marketing team to ensure they meet our brand image.

Do affiliates get disqualified?

Yes. Affiliates who click their own links or signup through their own link could lose their earnings and get banned. It's against our policy and we have an algorithm in place to track this.

When do you pay your affiliates?

Our affiliates get paid anytime they request a cash-out. This means, the moment you earn something on your account, you can withdraw your earnings.

Is there a minimum payout for earnings?

No. We basically send out the smallest amount that is payable. This, however, exempts amounts less than $ 1.50. There is no actual limit on payment.

How do you pay your affiliates?

We will send your earnings directly to your local bank account or Paypal. Just remember to update your account details on your profile settings page.

I heard of Slourish Affiliate program and decided to give it a try. I wrote an article about it on my blog and many of my blog readers joined through my affiliate link. To my greatest surprise, on the 2nd of December, 2018 I got my first alert and since then, more have been coming. I'm enjoying Slourish and would encourage more Nigerians to join.

Igbo Clifford
Owerri, Imo State - NG.
Create an additional income stream for yourself just by telling your audience about Slourish.
You only need to share your links or place a banner.

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