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About Apprentice | Slourish


Their is presently no standard platform in Nigeria for getting trained or learning skills with convenience. A lot of intending trainees face risks, are victims of trainee scams, many have become modern slaves, a lot of persons want to learn a skill but are too busy with schedules

Apprentice is an online skill acquisition service. We offer a solution that revolves around the convenience of the trainee. Our solution enables a subscriber to receive the best skill training from the most qualified trainers. A trainee can choose to learn one or more skill and determine how many months he/she intends to continue on that training.

Semi-skilled and unskilled labour makes up 60% of the Nigeria labour market.

Apprentice offers training on plumbing, hair dressing, fashion designing, styling, painting, wielding, motor mechanics, carpentry, event decoration, art design in buildings, barbing, catering including every other skill in the Nigeria market.

Nigeria is currently in an unemployment crisis, everyone wants to have a skill to either get employed or reduce the cost of personal hiring. Imagine the millions of students in our higher institutions across Nigeria, what if i told you it is almost the equivalent of youths who choose not to go to higher institutions but learn skill.

An average Nigeria home today is continuously engrossed in lots of repairs and worn out of inventories e.g kitchen cabinet been damaged, generator developing fault, car not starting etc, these are occasional events that really do cost money for a lot of families just because they have to pay an expert to come to it.

Almost every Nigeria home has a car and over 60% of these car owners would be interested in a solution that teaches them how to do basic repairs in their cars which a lot of mechanics rip them from. (Cars are constantly breaking down in Nigeria).

Apprentice has an online platform where the best certified experts offer training on various skills via video interactive sessions from their locations with all the right facilities and instruments.

Subscribers can subscribe monthly and join in these live sessions as long as they want

Within the next 5 years Apprentice aims to be the foremost skill acquisition service in Africa. This consists of over 500million potential customers in the semi-skilled market.

In the next 10 years we aim to become the leading skill acquisition service in the world. Million of persons are constantly migrating and relocating to new countries every year, different societies have different cultures and job description.
Apprentice can enable migrants the opportunity of learning new skills as Perculiar to the communities they want to settle in.