Financing. We intend to overcome this by patterning with an established venture capital group


We have a determined team of professionals who are committed to this project.
We have a market that is dynamic and ever demanding, semi-skills are now the safe heaven to escape unemployment in Nigeria.
We have a huge population in Nigeria even those employed want to get a semi skill


We target the labour market. Our focus is those who want to learn a skill. (University students, housewives, employed persons willing to add an extra skill to their CV, unemployed persons intending to be self-employed, and those who want to improve on their previous semi skill through our professionals).


Apprentice would revolutionize the world of skill acquisition.
We want to create quality in skill acquisition.
We want to enable more people to become self-employed.
We want to enable more people safe personal cost involved in renting services.

Investors' share: 50%

Duration: 12 Months

Est. ROI: 20%

Min. Investment $ 133.33

Max. Investors 100

Investing Limit $ 26,666.67

$ 2,666.67+
We give back over 30% on investment

We may no longer accept new investments after 09 Dec, 2021.

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