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Smatlip Media

Smatlip media has been in business for quite some time now as we have been chewing out successful projects upon projects by the day. We are a cinematography team that has a primary focus on music video productions but we are also very much into...


Pshoutor is a publicity shoutout platform and a full digital marketing hub where the hard work of getting your business in front of your target market can be done for you in just a couple of clicks.


Kickswitch is a registered limited liability company poised at enhancing and expanding the rapidly growing e-commerce platforms in the nigerian internet market through the production of an effective payment processing alternative such as vouchers.


We are building an exceptional social commerce platform to bridge the gap between having fun, learning, shopping, working etc. Our goal is to completely establish our community to be the major platform where all nigerians meet to work or hire, buy...


Quilege is eliminating the challenges associated with talent discovery, development and utilization in africa thereby making it very easy for employers & talent hunters to quickly find & hire verified trained candidate for the job.

Random Businesses Profiles

Help The Poor

This organization is created to help the poor and orphans...


We are a non-asset carrying 3rd party logistics company that provide haulage services to manufacturers & fmcg distributors across nigeria. We seek growth funds to meet a daily demand for 50 trucks from the 4 trucks we currently provide.

Rayella Farm

Rayella farm is an existing small poultry farm that is mainly into rearing and processing of matured broilers and supply them to frozen food dealers, restaurants, beer parlors and households within ebonyi state..

Zehrakh strategies and resources ltd

The business is all about opening a mini gas plant which will be suitated in area where getting to re-fill cylinders is a little far from the consumers. We have our business plan which serves as a guide and reference for the business.

Celeamzy concept

Celeamzy is a sole proprietor registered in nigeria for providing laundry, dry cleaning and cloth embroidery services to our customers. We have an outstanding team of professionals that will make us make our target.

Medical spelling Bee initiative

To start up the maiden edition of a medical spelling bee competition. Our program goals are to:provide young people witht the opportunity to participate in a positive, competitive spelling bee and also improving their knowledge.

Oban Transport and logistics Ltd

My plan is to put 3 cars and 1 motor cycle on the road. The cars will handle transportation and the motor cycle will be deliveries. I am looking for an investment of 9.7m for 37% annual ror for 5 years and to recoup the capital back.


We are programmers that work partly from nigeria and us and we seek to create one of the biggest platform for e-commerce and transportation in nigeria. We intend to create 2 platforms. The first one we are working on is a price alert and price comp

KIR Records Nigeria Limited

We have designed and completely developed nigeria's first 100% online based songwriting competition. It eliminates the financial cost and travel risk relating to participation at talent hunt competitions.


We are into music production business, afro-beat/pop music to be precise, we have an album of 8 songs audio production completed waiting for video shooting and promotion, the reason for the loan/funding

Travel Globe Ltd

We provide travel and tourism-related services such as hotel reservations, visa assistance, car rentals, flight booking, holiday and vacation packages.

Movie Prefect

The nigerian movie industry has been a full-blown mess for a long time and i'm here to change it for the better. Never again shall we, as a country be represented by such unprofessional amateur scripts and overall production.

Moneyise Ltd

Moneyise ltd focus on peer to peer mobile payment app to make transaction fast and easy and money lending with low interest.


Has your card been declined for no reason while using a pos? Have you ever had to leave a store or wait up to 10 minutes or more in line just to buy something? As nigerians we have all experienced slow, lack of connectivity or lack of pos availabilit

Proactive Projects Ltd

Chelsea hangout is an online community for chelsea fans. We provide up-to-date news related to chelsea fc, fan-based opinions, transfer stories, match, and statistics, and earn income from online betting affiliate partner programs.

Talents Farms

A quality farm that is ripe and ready to grace the market with well-managed food (tomatoes, palm oil, pigs among others). Agriculture, as you know, is an inevitable means of our daily lives. People literally depend on our products to survive and this makes our business priceless.

Shared office

Shared office is a nigerian office search platform that identified a gap in the market where there is no specialized platform for entrepreneurs looking for office space to operate their business. Our concept is simple and similar to amazon.

Menlet Properties

I hate licking roofs and the fact that i couldn't afford a better apartment in my twenties. I'm determined to minimize this effect on others by building standard homes that would be affordable to the common man.


We are a fully integrated commodity trading company. We trade in minerals and metals such as zinc, lead, gold, tin and scrap metals. Our focus is on adding value to the metals through concentration/beneficiation.

Hipaterblog.Com.Ng is a website that provides adequate and exclusive news to people who want clarify and truth about stories in an uncertain world. Our services include political news, entertainment news, celebrity gist, video sharing e.T.C


Apprentice is an online skill acquisition service. We offer a solution that enables over 50million nigerians easy access to "handwork" and expertise. Our solution allows a subscriber to get the best skill training from the most qualified trainers.

Ramirez Engineering

A freelance marketplace where clients post projects and skilled freelancers bid for the projects, execute the projects and get paid in naira. We are seeking for funds to launch & attract clients to post projects for our over 100freelancers.

Clevin Kay

Clevin kay is a fashion brand with. A style of glamor. It's main mission is to make every user of our products unique and glamorous now and always. Clevin kay is certainly a nigerian brand, one of it's kind in the nation with products of quality and


It is known as


Echeffa is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to be the shining light in the lives of the helpless. We believe everyone deserves a shot at life and we want to live in a world where everyone is able to access basic amenities including..

HC Studios

Hc studios is a production company that produces short films, feature length films, documentaries, web series and other entertainment contents which is distributed via the various distribution platforms to the end consumer.

NeonKnight media and marketing

The sport betting industry is fact growing and their are few sport online content that can attract advertisement from these sport betting company. We have develop a engaging football game show that will attract their advertisement.

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