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Do you have that friend who thinks and behaves completely different? He/she keeps odd hours, hardly sleeps, always seem to be looking for something. He/she hardly parties or go out without a solid reason.

Well, there are only very few reasons for such habits. People keep to themselves for many reasons but ambition may very well be at the top of the list. If your friend is not an introvert, a nerd/geek with career path like a programming, then your friend doesn't really trust anyone or your friend just has a lot to focus on. The only other reason is hustle and this is where I fall in.

To really make it in life, one will need to be very observant for opportunities. One will need to be able to stay up late working on ways to improve the situation and one will have to be picky when chiding friends. Infact, one will have to spend less time with people who don't see the world the same way with them.

Among my pals, I'm the odd one and money is the real motive. Because of my habits, I found Slourish first when my pals were sleeping. You will most likely see me only where money is made. Let's all make money money here!
Let's all make enough money until we have many left to wipe our ass! Money must be made, one way or the other. I only want to have problems such as where do I park my luxury cars!
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