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Crypto Arbitrage | Slourish

Join Our timely Crypto Trade.

Earn about $1.4 on every $100 you add to the trade.

It's not news that one of the great ways of earning good bucks online these days by buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and as you know, Slourish is a financial hub that is always ready to capitalize on any opportunity that will help users improve their cashflow.

Well, after tons of researches and analysis, we developed a great system that found ways to buy crypto at a slightly lower rate against the parallel market price and then resale it at the official rate, making a good 1.4% margin after transactional charges deductions - all within a few minutes!
And as usual, we are doing most of the work. Users only have to choose what trade to take part in and relax.

What is involved?

Our system is constantly running a trade that simply finds ways to buy crypto cheaper than the market rate and then resales it at the official rate all within a few minutes. Now, your goal is to join the trade by committing some funds to it and after the trade, you get your share of the gain depending on the amount you committed.

How do we mitigate the risks?

First, we avoid the volatility of crypto by focusing more on stablecoins (such as USDT, USDC). Then our system hardly executes a trade untill all calculations are done to prevent a loss. And finally, in case there is a disruption in the market (this is always monitored), all trades will be cancelled and funds refunded.


Currently, we only allow Naira deposits and you need to have at least ₦20,000 available in your wallet before you can join a trade. We are working on enabling other currencies soon. Also, our minimum arbitrage wallet deposit is not constant. It could change anytime.


You can join a trade with as little as ₦6,600. Do note that the amount we can use for a trade is limited so, if the funds on a trade reaches its threshhold, you will have to wait for the next trade. We trade every 15 - 30 minutes but it could take an hour for your trade gains to settle in.


No restrictions on what and when to cashout. You can withdraw any portion of your money anytime but you can only withdraw in Naira now. However, you can't withdraw the funds already committed to a trade untill the trade is over. And our official minimum wallet withdrawal is currently ₦1,000.

Trading & cashing out daily from crypto no longer need to be complicated.
Now you earn just by committing your funds to our trades.

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