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De Donz


We will be the strongest Nigerian entertainment group housing over 20 international award-winning stars and known for strengthening the industry by developing young talents and getting fans marveled while gazing at our astonishing events.


Publicity! It is true that quality work and talent can draw in lots of attention and generate sales but we certainly need a lot more promotion to get the talents out there. We currently have a strong marketing strategy for this and we are building partnership and business strength among the top influencers in the industry capable of drowning us in limelight.


Nigerians love entertainment. We all love having fun and it is evident in our daily life as we tend to make a joke out of everything and this is one of the things unifying us today. Our entertainment sector alone rake in billions of Naira annually and this is the key to building a greater economy.


There is a reason most Night clubs are filled and booming on a daily basis. Nigerians are always looking out for parties, latest hot spots and music!


We make money from ticket sales and will triple it through our music production and management revenue.

Investors' share: 33%

Duration: 6 Months

Est. ROI: 28%

Min. Investment $ 45.11

Max. Investors 100

Investing Limit $ 11,278.20

$ 300.75+
2 Free VIP tickets to any of our top-notch entertainment (concerts, comedy shows, parties) events for you.
$ 2,255.64+
Gain a voice as one of the decision makers.

We may no longer accept new investments after 12 Dec, 2024.

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