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Feature Watchlist | Slourish

Feature Watchlist

How can the Slourish platform be of importance to you?

Here are the things you can do with Slourish as well as what to look out for.

Shop & Pay Anywhere With Slourish

Unlike your average payment processor, Slourish helps you pay for goods/services using just your fingerprint, email, phone, account ID or pay thirdparty bills directly on your account. Your Slourish wallet follows you anywhere you go online.

Get Slourish Credit/Debit card

Works like a mini bank and assistant. Use your card anywhere and control where, when & how your card will work while also setting its limits. Spend what's in your Slourish wallet, load your card with funds or spend on credit hitch-free.

Invest & Cash Out From Businesses

The next unicorn is just at the corner. Discover and invest hot new businesses or just grow your money via revenue-generating small businesses pay constant dividends or one-time return on investments (ROI) for your support.

Access Soft Collateral-Free Loans

Getting instant pre-approved loans has never been easier. Being an active member of Slourish accords you unlimited opportunities in accessing loans for virtually anything including vacation, business, household purchases.

Earn Big Without Investing At'll

Yes, our programs (including insights contribution program and affiliate program) literally cost participants nothing to earn big daily. Slourish is constantly providing new ways for users to earn without risking their own funds.

Save And Get Interest On Funds

Attractive interests on funds saved with Slourish makes you want to cultivate a better saving habit while locking away good money for the future. Now you set your saving plan and get the funds auto-deducted from your account and saved.

Grow Your Money With Aecodri Fund

No, this is not one of those complicated trading scehemes but yeah, you can trade your units anytime. To earn, buy Aecodri units when its low and sell when high directly on the platform or just hold and wait for it to yield good returns.

Cash Out Big In Our PIB Initiative

People thought asset-building was for the rich until they found Slourish. No cash? No problem, let others invest for you in our Peer2Peer Investment Building initiative while you cash out the returns as if you where the actual investor.

Discover Hot Products Before Launch

Since the Slourish community is hosting a ton of fresh entrepreneurs and startup businesses, it's only logical that you will be among the first set of people to be notified of their new hot products before they are officially launched.

Network & Interact With Like-Minds

Nothing more powerful than keeping your circle to people of similar ideology or at least people who are either experts in your field or those working in the same direction as you. Find fellow investors, financiers or entrepreneurs here.

For Businesses

Make Sales & Process Payments

Collecting payments? Only Slourish can make something as complex as this very easy! Whether online, in-app, via email, via phone, offline or using just fingerprint/voice command, anyone can now pay you for your goods & services.

Raise Business Funds Instantly

As easy as 1, 2, GO! That's it. No unnecessay paperworks or investor term sheet delays. As long as you have a verified business profile on Slourish, raising business funds from micro-investors becomes a walk in the park, for real!

Reach More Good-Paying Customers

Creating a profile for your business on the platform already gets you more visibility and puts you in front of all your potential customers on Slourish but you can extend this ability by utilizing; our marketing partner.

Find And Hire Quality Talents

Looking to get the right talent to help you grow your brand? Our talent acquisition partner; is ever ready to help you build that great team you have been dreaming off. You just indicate the kind of talent and Quilege does the rest.

Be the first to know when new investment opportunities turn up.

Our secure platform was built to help highly-vetted African businesses, get funded and offer rewards, ROI, interests and other incentives to their micro-investors
and we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process.

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