Get your business funded.

Slourish is the place for growing solid Nigerian businesses. Ranging from incorporation, branding, marketing, down to a complete incubation, our business support/development services are boundless. We have the means to help you reach your goals. See our business pack.


 All Nigerian growth-seeking entrepreneurs are eligible to get their startup funded on Slourish.

 No contract with investors. No ownership stake. We will handle everything.

 You will determine your return on investment for your micro-investors based on your revenue.

 Create a secure funding campaign that won't compromise the uniqueness of your concept.

 Get market validation and free publicity for your product & brand.

 Your business gets funded and pays dividends directly on your Slourish account.

 You are in total control and you could start raising funds in minutes!

  • Upon submission, we will vet you and your business and get back to you with the result.

    Once approved, your Slourish account will instantly be upgraded and access to your startup management tools will be granted.

    It is very compulsory to keep your investors updated on your progress through your startup group on Slourish.

    Invested sums will be disbursed to you in tranches to ensure they are fully utilized. For more information, please consult our Funding policy. We will deduct a 5% commission from the amount you raise. See our Fees page for details.