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About Ghavoch | Slourish


Get coached to success as an entrepreneur.
why waste so much time struggling with setting up and growing your business when you can easily be guided by ghavoch's latest startup founder; latii brayllot who has built three great brands together with other successful businesses?

why join ghavoch?

practical coaching and consultations, get special assistance on your projects.
access to ghavoch's premium contents, participate in contests and win prizes.
earn $50 commissions on shared items, contribute contents & earn up to $200.
browse and download free resources, access to ghavoch's setup blueprint.

ghavoch's mentorship program helps you conceive and validate your idea, build a team of professionals, get legal backing/incorporation, create your market-ready mvp, launch your disruptive startup, make the business a brand, gain supporters/promoters, receive vc funding/investors, attract quality talents, innovate/crush the competition, scale & generate more revenue.