How it works

Slourish is a platform where Nigerian businesses meet potential investors but it doesn't end there. We make it possible for everyone to come together and get their favourite brands to the market using a few Nairas.


You fund a business ==>> The business makes profit ==>> You gain a percentage.



Step 1: Register

Create a free account. It's easy and only takes  30 seconds. A slourish account accords you enough control over your investments as well as security. With an account, you can also benefit from our hashed profit program (you fund your hps wallet and earn up to 9% interest every 30 days), affiliate program (you earn up to ₦10,000 per referral) and the slourish community at large.

Step 2: Invest

Fund a startup. Invest anything, even ₦10,000! It's very easy, straight forward and you can do it directly in your account area. Join the startup group and stay updated on their progress. Browse and fund (invest, donate or even loan to) more projects to create a better investment portfolio. 

Step 3: Rewards

Manage your investments easily in your account area. Participate in the community discussions, share ideas and connect with others. Offer suggestions and be a part of the exciting journey. Stay active to learn when the investments are matured. Get rewarded with a giveback, ROI, equity, interest etc.

We do our best to protect both startups and investors on Slourish but remember that investing is long-term based. You are most likely not going to get a return in the next 6-12 months since the startups will need to fully structure themselves and make a profit first.

However, in some cases, a startup (especially businesses in the scaling, maturity and growth stages) could execute and provide a return sooner.

Well, you can participate in our HPS program for a monthly return while you wait for your startup investments to get matured.

Do you have questions? We probably have the answer for it in our FAQs.


We've got you covered.

--> All startups on Slourish have been carefully vetted and approved for funding by our strict team.

--> Your investments don't actually leave your slourish account until the end of the campaign for the startup.

--> You are not under any contract and as such you are free to back out, cancel and delete your account anytime.

--> We control the full process to ensure you get the maximum value of your money. We monitor each operation to ensure you get rewarded.

--> Invested sums will be disbursed to the startup in tranches (and tracked) to ensure they are fully utilized. For more information, please consult our Funding policy.

--> If you chose to invest using your credit/debit card, internet banking portal, or through PayPal, USSD, your transactions will be completely encrypted and secured. No one can see your details except you. See our privacy policy for details.

Your funding options.

There are quite a few ways to actively drive the Nigerian businesses to success and we are determined to guide you through.

  • Donation

    Non-profit organizations or a normal company may create campaigns for their ground-breaking works and any Slourish member who supports the idea can donate to the cause to help them scale through and succeed.

  • Investment

    Startups that have been certified by the Slourish team may be directly funded through micro investments, crowdfunding by anyone. In this case, a return on investment is expected by the investors once the startup breaks even.

  • Loan

    Some businesses, especially sole proprietorships could prefer to request for a loan. This is common for businesses that are already operational and just want a quick financing to expand/grow the business. Loans attract interests.

  • Offers

    Alot of entrepreneurs would prefer to offer an incentive, early purchase discount of their product or exchange of services in a bid to raise the needed funds for their launch. This helps funders to support their favourite brands riskfree.

Owning investments is no longer reserved for the rich and powerful.

Anyone can now have a piece of the cake.


Are you ready to join the league of Slourish funders? You are in good hands and we will guide you every step of the way. Just buckle up your shoes for the exciting journey ahead as we join hands to launch the next big brand in town.


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We are not a stock brokerage firm. We simply provide a secure platform to help highly-vetted Nigerian businesses, get crowdfunded and offer rewards, equity, interests and other incentives to their investors and venture capitalists.

However, we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process. We rigorously verify and monitor all startups and investments on Slourish.


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