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HPS Program | Slourish

HPS Program

Let's pay you over 4.8% monthly interest on your money.

It's easy, secure and guaranteed. Just head to the HPS section and fund your account. Then, you can go on with your daily activities, interact with other members of the Slourish community and at the end of every 30 days in the next 6 months, you earn up to 4.8% monthly interest which you can cash out anytime, directly into your local bank account or PayPal.

It's that simple!

We, however, recommend that you stay active on your account as we will keep you posted from time to time.
Also, at the end of the program, your initial funds will be automatically credited to your account.
Why store your money in banks when you can grow it to over 28.8% with us?


Step 1

Fund your HPS account with whatever you can afford. You can do this directly on your dashboard in few clicks and you instantly get the next payment date of your HPS.

Step 2

Interact with other members in the community, catch fun and do any other thing you normally do and at the end of every month, you earn a great interest on your money.

As you know, the Slourish platform is a great community of micro-investment seekers actively investing in businesses with the opportunity to be a part of the exciting journey of building the next generation brands. Members invest anything from as little as $ 15.04 for a return but also gain other rewards, access to incentives.

However, members needed a faster and reliable medium for generating additional income while supporting their favourite startups, hence, we created this HPS program to bridge the gap as well as improve Slourish services and keep members happy.

This program was specially designed to add more flexibility to the Slourish community as members can begin to see a faster return from HPS while waiting on their invested business to send their ROI.

This is also because we encourage diversity when it comes to investing and making money at large. A diversified portfolio reduces risks and increases overall profitability. On Slourish, you are at liberty to invest in as many businesses as you see fit even while participating in our programs.

Things to note.

To participate, you will need to fund your account with the minimum of $ 150.38 which will be fixed and cannot be withdrawn till the end of your participation in the program except you want to cancel your account, in which case your money will be refunded in full. However, you can cash-out your earnings anytime.

The money you add to your account will be fully utilized for our projects and for enhancing our services. This grows our revenue and helps the businesses grow. Slourish generates revenue through several mediums including our business pack services, interest on loans, external investments etc.

You won't be getting 4.8% of our total revenue, rather you will earn up to 4.8% of your initial HPS funds every 30 days. This means if you fund your HPS account with $ 150.38 you earn up to $ 7.22 monthly in the next 6 months while another participant with a $ 601.50 funded-HPS will be earning about $ 28.87 interest per month.

Depending on the number of participants funding their accounts, the level of the projects we are working on as well as the amount of revenue being generated, the 4.8 conversion ratio may be increased or decreased at our sole discretion.

There is no limit on the amount you can fund your wallet but it must be done before cashing out your earnings. This means, you can top up any amount you want severally before you cash your funds but you can no longer add funds after cashing out any of your earnings.

This program has a limited time-line and once our goal is met, the program will be scrapped. This means, we will no longer accept entries but previous participants will continue receiving their benefits till the end of their 6 months duration.

HPS is here to help you turn your money into an additional source of income - a recurring income.

Now you know what HPS is all about and how easy it is to join the beneficiaries,
let's get you on the big list.

Open HPS Now!

Be the first to know when new investment opportunities turn up.

Our secure platform was built to help highly-vetted African businesses, get funded and offer rewards, ROI, interests and other incentives to their micro-investors
and we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process.

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