Lets pay you for your Insights.


Earn up to ₦200k monthly by sharing your knowledge with the Slourish community.

Slourish, being a great bussiness-driven micro-investing platform, also aims to  educate members or at least keep the community booming with insightful contents.

As a matter of fact, we want to keep everyone productive and interactions as meaningful as possible. The community, though can be used for mere discussions, is aimed at sharing ideas and keeping members  informed on limitless topics including business, investments and finances.

In a bid to keep the discussions in the community educative and informative, we have created this program to reward the efforts of Slourish active members who are most insightful and resourceful in sharing their knowledge with the community.

Anyone can now get paid for interactions.

What is involved?

Simply stay active in the community, interact and share your knowledge through posts, comments and replies. While you can still earn just by liking and reacting to people's contents, we are focused on rewarding content creators. You can also earn for sharing photos, videos etc. as long as it's helpful to other members.

You basically get paid for having fun in the community!

There's no fixed amount you will earn per interaction as the amount you earn is determined by how useful your contents are. The easiest way to know a great content is by it's engagement. Are other members appreciating the content? Our algorithm knows just how useful a post is and rewards the creator based on its merits. Earnings are paid directly into local bank accounts or Paypal.

Insightful Posts

You earn up to ₦1,000 for every insightful content you post in the community. It's easy and straight forward. Your posts don't need to be approved either! Just get to the community section and share your thoughts and we will pay you for it!

Comments, Replies

Members earn up to ₦100 per useful contribution to each meaningful content in the community. Found a post you like? Then say something! How about the contents you know more of? Throw more lights and share your thoughts. It helps others!

You've been interacting for free on other platforms for years.

Why not make it another stream of income for yourself here?

It's time to start cashing in on your knowledge. 

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Our secure platform was built to help highly-vetted Nigerian businesses, get funded and offer rewards, ROI, interests and other incentives to their micro-investors.

However, we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process. We rigorously verify and monitor all businesses and investments on Slourish.


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