Most platforms on the internet today is at a risk of facing a security breach by attackers and being a payment processing company, this risk becomes a higher concern. This risk will be mitigated by making available, a non-productive version of our platform to some trusted high-end whitehat hackers to attempt penetration. If during the course of this exercise, they are able to break-in, we go ahead to block the vulnerabilities on the live portal instantly.


A thorough survey carried out on a sample size of potential customers in various locations in Nigeria revealed the following;

75% welcomed the proposed system of USSD/vouchers.
10% partially supported the proposed system of USSD/vouchers
15% non-online shoppers but still appreciate the use of vouchers for payment.


Up until now a lot of Nigerians with no access to a debit card or are simply not yet used to the technology, are still finding it difficult to pay for goods and services. Kickswitch customers ranges from everyday Nigerians to large corporations and span across all sectors.


Kickswitch is a trend of service delivery with the aim to curtail all and any eventual service delivery hurdles in carrying out online transactions with the company's mandate in making e-commerce a lot easier, faster, and convenient for the customers at large just by recharging directly from their mobile phones through the use of USSD codes. We aim at targeting total reduction in lost time while promoting comfort at any point in time.

Investors' share: 20%

Duration: 6 months

Est. ROI: 26%

Min. Investment $ 80.00

Max. Investors 100

Investing Limit $ 21,333.33

$ 1,600+
Get 20% of your investment deposited in your Kickswitch wallet to use after our official launch.
$ 2,666.67+
Get 1 year free cashback of up to 50% on all your transactions through KickSwitch.

We may no longer accept new investments after 20 Dec, 2021.

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