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Asset Listing

Let your supporters invest in & trade units of your digital asset for capital gains.

You know how corporations raise funds by selling their shares on the stock exchange or how cryptocurrencies grow their value by listing on Coin Exchange platforms?

Well, Slourish has just made it possible and very much easy for you to list and sell part of your digital assets to your supporters the same way our users buy and trade units of our Aecodri Fund, but without the tedious listing procedures of a company stock and the numerous technical jargons of a cryptocurrency.

What Digital Asset?

Any digital item you own that makes you money. Anything public that generates some verificable constant cashflow is a valid listable asset on here. This ranges from your music, videos, website/blog or even your social media pages (if you make money there).

You can as well list your independent software or applications as long as its not part of a corporate structure that should take the IPO path.

It is simple & straightforward.

For instance, a female influencer with a good following may want to grow her brand, may want to raise more funds for a project or may just want to offer a piece of her asset to her supporters.

In this case, instead of trying to manually sort this out the hard and failure-prone way, she lists on Slourish and shares the link with her followers. Now as more followers buy bits of her offering on Slourish, the value grows, the buyers talk/trade it and her influence grows, and at the end of the day, her followers make money, she grows richer too and everyone goes home happy!

Isn't it just wise to fully capitalize on your asset and grow your overall networth by listing it for your supporters to invest in?
When you list to sell pieces of your asset to your supporters here and you sell 50% in bits for $ 75,188,
the asset is now worth over $ 150,376 (assuming the initial value of the asset was just $ 30,075)
and everyone with a piece can trade it at a much higher price for capital gains or hold it for annual yield.


As more people buy & trade your asset, the value grows & make you richer.


Since your fans are constantly trading your asset, they talk & grow your audience.


You finally get real supporters that want to see you succeed since it also makes them money.


Your followers value you more for letting them get a piece of your offering.

It only takes 3mins to list and get the value of your asset boosted.
Let your supporters get a piece of your offering while making you richer.
List Asset

Be the first to know when new investment opportunities turn up.

Our secure platform was built to help highly-vetted African businesses, get funded and offer rewards, ROI, interests and other incentives to their micro-investors
and we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process.

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