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Movie Prefect

The Nigerian movie industry has been a full-blown mess for a long time and I'm here to change it for the better. Never again shall we, as a country be represented by such unprofessional amateur scripts and overall production. I will be raising the bar, setting the standard and encouraging a positive competition with my cutting-edge production skills while featuring only the undisputed characters to wow the gaze of our great nation.

My love for movies started even before the average Nigerian kid can differentiate his left from his right and since then, I have developed an unquenchable taste for better quality. Haven seen over 5k movies experienced several first-hand in-action shooting and got trained in one of the best post-production institutions, I can boldly say I have what it takes to bring into existence, the best Nigerian-made movie yet.

And I'm talking; captivating storylines, well-trained actors, great shooting equipment, skilled on-set and post-production crew etc. The kind of movie that fills up the cinema halls. I already have 6 million Naira, a few out-of-the-box scripts, some equipment, crew etc.and I brought this here to also give you an opportunity to be an insider. It's true that the amount I'm requesting sounds too little for the quality of the movie I'm working on but I have the process thoroughly analyzed and you are in good hands.

The plan is to start with this first movie but grow it into a mega movie production corporation in no distant time. All supporters of this project will have the option to actively take part in the production process. While you may not share my vision, it is only logical that you show your patriotism by investing and if you are a movie fan too, won't you want to back something solid like this?