Movie Prefect



Not creating enough awareness could impact our sales but I currently have a strong strategy in place to make my movies the talk of the town.


I know the best crew for the job and I also have several exceptional scripts. A professional is also available to train the actors.


Movie lovers that are constantly gracing the various cinemas in the country.


Quality movies depicts our culture to the world and thereby increasing tourism and overall economic growth.

Investors' share: 25%

Duration: 12 months

Est. ROI: 21%

Min. Investment $ 26.67

Max. Investors 100

Investing Limit $ 13,333.33

$ 1,333.33+
Get two free premium movie ticket a week to the premiere to the to see the movie with the stars in the cinema or be a part of the practical aspect (acting, shooting or working as a crew member) of this revolutionary movie.

We may no longer accept new investments after 26 Oct, 2021.

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