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I hate licking roofs and the fact that I couldn't afford a better apartment in my twenties. I'm determined to minimize this effect on others by building standard homes that would be affordable to the common man....

Limited funds can be a terrible factor that affects real estates and we are not exempted from that but thankfully, we have you and we are also very good in utilizing limited resources without compromising integrity.

People need where to rest their head at night - houses and the demand is growing everyday. Also, we are in Nigeria where a lot of people still lack proper homes.

Over 1 million Nigerian students who upon graduation, will need their own apartments, offices etc.

Nigeria is still a country with little infrastructures and poorly built houses and we are here to change that, one building at a time.

₦ 7,000,000.

Invested through Slourish.

An additional
₦ 16,050,000.00
was recently pledged to this business by 6 micro-investor(s).

Access to this investment opportunity will be gone upon a total investment of ₦ 85,000,000.00

Investors' share: 60% | Min. Duration: 12 months | Est. ROI: 20%

₦ 5,000,000.+
Gain an additional 2% share on the average ROI.

This business has stopped accepting new investments for now.


Menlet properties has been around for quite some time. However, it was just an agency that finds real estate buyers for sellers but it's time to move it up a notch to the real estate development sector.

I and my team are currently working on making Menlet the next generation property development company in Port Harcourt and we want to offer you the opportunity to be a part of the process. We build quality properties for rent which generates a steady monthly revenue in addition to the ones sold at a stretch.

Founded: 2016 | Team: 12
Stage: Maturity
Capital: ₦ 13,000,000. | Burn Rate: ₦ 300,000.

Felix Firima
Operations Manager

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