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Peer2Peer Investment Building | Slourish

PIB Initiative

Build huge investments with little or no cash!

What is PIB?

Peer to peer investment building, as the name stands, is an initiative we designed to help address the issue of zero capital investments by the low income people of the world we know today.

Its no news that having an investment, a reliable cashflow/income-yielding investment is crucial to securing the future and this luxury of assets have, until now, been dedicated to the rich. Or at least, the well-to-do people. Well, PIB is putting an end to this rule as anyone can now build investments out of nothing, without exceptions.

The concept is simple.

As its Peer2Peer, it allows for those with actual cash to fund the investments of those without the needed cash.

In fact, in some cases, you may even be bouyant but your current liquid networth isn't bold enough to foot the level of investment you want to build. Hence, you look out for external support to boost your capital.

That needed thirdparty support is PIB. When you run our Peer to Peer Investment Building package, you gain investments that are up to 1000% more than what you could have achieved with your own limited resources.

How it works?

We (or your peers with funds) foot the bills and bridge the gap in your capital, hence, turning your $ 30.08 investment into a $ 300.75 investment that will generate a solidified ROI as though it was a $ 300.75 investment you executed initially.
A broke person can just request for a $ 751.88 investment & cash-out the returns. Amazing, right?

Are you ready to boost your investment building circle?
Cash or not, there's a spot loaded with rewards for you.
Let's make you a beneficiary.

With Cash?

In this case nothing is required of you. You just select a peer's investment plan on the platform to fund with as little as $ 67.67. After that, you relax and at the end of the day you get 30% of your peers's ROI (in addition to your initial capital and our 10% interest) without doing any of the work.


No Money?

Are you cash-strapped? No problem! This initiative will help you build huge investments out of nothing. You simply choose a PIB package and commit a few minutes to it daily to see your investments grow without measure and bank on up to $ 3,007.52 in 6 months' earnings with little or no initial capital.


Be the first to know when new investment opportunities turn up.

Our secure platform was built to help highly-vetted African businesses, get funded and offer rewards, ROI, interests and other incentives to their micro-investors
and we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process.

Got questions?  See our FAQs  +(234) 9075714292 [email protected]

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