Our service charge for startups.

While investors are encouraged to invest in Slourish startups at no cost, Startups are charged a token to help us run the service smoothly.

It is completely free to get your startup funding campaign published on our platform but there are certain charges that will be made on your part upon a successful campaign.

Having a commission as the obvious, we will also hold a share in your equity and there is a transaction fee by our payment processor.

Note: You will lose every kobo you raise if the campaign is not successful - as it will be refunded to the respective investors.

  • Campaign Commission

    We will deduct 5% in commission per successful campaign. This means, you don't pay anything till you are able to raise the required amount to launch or grow your startup. However, if your campaign fails, all raised funds will be refunded to the respective investors.

  • Equipty Share

    To protect our investors, we are going to be actively involved in your startup. We will provide you with mentorship and on-demand resources. and as a result, we require that you transfer a 5% equity of your startup to us.

  • Transaction Fee

    A 1.5% capped at N2,000 per transaction fee will be remitted to our payment processor - Paystack. Note: Upon a successful campaign, your funds will be disbursed in tranches which ensures you use it effectively and exclusively for the development of your business.

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We are not a stock brokerage firm. We simply provide a secure platform to help highly-vetted Nigerian businesses, get crowdfunded and offer rewards, equity, interests and other incentives to their investors and venture capitalists.

However, we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process. We rigorously verify and monitor all startups and investments on Slourish.


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