Farm Pests And Loss Of Perishable Crops And This Is Being Controlled With Standard Measures That Not Only Properly Preserves The Products But Also Extends The Durability.


Our Current Location Is Very Favourable For Both Cultivation And Processing. Plus We Already Have A Chain Of Distributors And Acquirers Counting On The Availability And Delivery Of The Products.


We Are Focusing On Dealing With Wholesalers, Retail Stalls As Well As Export Agents Who Will Be Responsible For The Distribution To Final Consumers.


The Importance Of Being Self-sufficient In Food Production Can Never Be Over-emphasized. We All Need Quality Nutrition And Talents Farm Is On A Mission To Not Only Complement Our Food Supply But To Also Grow The Economy Through Agriculture.

Investors' share: 60%

Duration: 8 Months

Est. ROI: 30%

Min. Investment $ 133.33

Max. Investors 100

Investing Limit $ 22,666.67

$ 666.67+
And get two neatly packaged free pack of our final product(worth N100k+) delivered to your doorstep.

We may no longer accept new investments after 13 May, 2021.

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