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About Veepher | Slourish


We are a social commerce company currently building an exceptional community-based platform to bridge the gap between having fun, learning, shopping, working etc. Our goal is to completely establish our community to be the major platform where all Nigerians meet to work or hire, buy or sell, interact, share ideas and mingle with like-minds etc. At the end of the day, users will be able to do any of these on one platform.

We are indeed creating a solution for many by expanding and uniting everyone together. This does not only create a huge market but also makes it easier for the average man to carry out his daily activities while staying informed, having fun and staying in touch with loved ones. In summary, virtually everything you come to do online can be done through Veepher so, you may never have to log out or switch between browsers in search of things.

We hope you invest in our vision and join us in this exciting journey of officially launching this unmeasurable platform. Invest and we will keep you updated on our progress along the way until we make this the biggest (fast-growing) brand of time. Our early investors will have many benefits (in addition to getting a share in our revenue) including an opportunity to work directly with us.

I would love to look at my kid and say; 'Son, do you know that I am one of the founding fathers of your favourite portal - Veepher? I was among the first set of people who made it happen. I helped by investing and the money I spend on this family today is from my investment in Veepher. How about you? What cool things can you tell your kids about the decisions you are making now?